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O porquê do itouch não ter câmara e o ipod nano apenas filmar e não tirar fotos

Steve Jobs deu uma entrevista imediatamente asseguir à Keynote de São Francisco a David Pogue, jornalista sobre tecnologia do New YorkTimes.

A primeira questão colocada foi o porquê de se colocar uma câmara no pequeno ipod nano e não uma no ipod touch.

Steve respondeu prontamente reiterando o que tinha sido dito anteriormente por Phill Schiller:

Initially we were not exactly sure how the market could become the Touch. It was a iPhone without the phone? Was a handheld computer? What’s done is done and clients have begun to see it as a gaming device. We started marketing this way and immediately encountered a great success. And what seems most right now is just lowering the price for the Apple Store Online. So this is where we focused only lowering the price to 189 € . We do not need to add other things. We need to get new customers and the best way to do that is the direction we are going.
A segunda questão adereçou a decisão da câmara do ipod nano apenas filmar vídeo e não tirar fotografias. Aqui está a resposta de Steve, também compreensível:
Therefore, he said, is only of a technical nature: the sensors fitted in the iPod Nano to record the video are extremely thin, thin enough to fit in the tiny and fine device. But those charged for shooting the photographs, particularly with developing auto focus (like the sensors on the iPhone 3GS), are too thick to be inserted in just 0.2 inches thick.
Em conclusão aqui estão as duas ultimas respostas de Steve:
There are some things that I am focusing a lot of attention at this time. No, we are not wasting strokes; We have some really good things to come.

Now, probabilmente, I only need to gain about 13 pounds, but I feel really good. I am eating like crazy.

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